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BOB the Skull of Wishes

Meet BOB, the mystical crystal skull who likes to bring out the best in you  and helps manifest wishes coming true!!


Bob the Crystal Skull of Wishes

About crystal skulls

Legend says that there were originally thirteen life-size human skulls of solid crystal with movable jaws that were said to speak and sing. The number thirteen is significant for many different reasons, one in particular being the sun, moon and the ten planets in our solar system adds up to the number 12. The 13th place is saved for Quetzalcoatl, the serpent god, who will return again to rule all the planets. The Mayan year was made up of 13 months of 20 days. There are thirteen Mayan gods of the upper world.  Is this why the local Mayans shouted, “Our god, our god”? Did they recognize the Skull as a sign for the return of Quetzalcoatl?  The legend says that at a time of great crisis, for humanity, the skulls will be rediscovered and brought back together to reveal their knowledge.  It is also said that the Mayans used the Crystal Skull in healing ceremonies; The High Priest would combine the use of a 52 faceted crystal ball, the sacred numbers of 52 and 9, and the skull to perform the art of magic in removing unwanted, disease-causing spirits.  It is also believed that the crystal Skull was used to light the fire for the Sacred 52 Year Fire Ceremony, marking the beginning and ending of a cycle. If the Skull is left in the sunlight for only a second, a fire will start immediately.  Edgar Cayce – known as ‘ America ’s sleeping prophet’ also speaks about Atlantis and the Great Fire Crystal.  Atlantis has frequently been depicted as an advanced crystal culture, as well as a telepathic culture –  In fact, many people believe the crystal skulls are a type of Atlantean encyclopedia, where all the information of the time is encoded into them.  According to Dan Winter; an E.T. group that was primarily non-physical decided to leave a repository of knowledge for those who were evolved enough to understand it. This E.T. group created an object that contained within it the sum total of knowledge of the Mind of God as they knew it. They also programmed this object with the history of the universe and all the technology that would ever be necessary.  The E.T. group left a Crystal Skull with the first Atlantean civilization, where it was placed in a temple pyramid to be energized by the Atlanteans over many eons of time.  Those in power tried to use it for negative purposes, not realizing that this magnified and reflected back all their evil deeds and intentions. It has been said that the Crystal Skull was created in such a way that whatever is thought in its presence reflects back, becoming a part of the thinker’s experiences. The Crystal Skull teaches that the physical universe mirrors thoughts. When Atlantis sank, high priests fleeing the continent brought it to Central America to where the Maya were living. Here, it was used as an object of worship and reverence until the Maya suddenly disappeared from the Earth  The Crystal Skull operates through the trinity of communication; color, tone, and archetype. When any combination of these three is beamed or visualized in the presence of the Crystal Skull, it opens a program that is coded to a particular frequency resonance.  An infinite number of combinations can be used, any one of which will unlock a program in the Crystal Skull to teach mankind. The left-brain represents language, and the right-brain represents pure thought. The pineal gland of communication balances and translates the left- and right- brains with the use of archetypes.  Archetypes can be geometric shapes, letters, numbers, ancient Hebrew symbols, pictograms, or any combination of these. Colors are also part of the triad with a language all their own. The left-brain is dark, the right-brain is light, and once again, the pineal gland balances and translates this through colors. Tones also represent the trinity of sound, balancing music and silence. In the same way, the Crystal Skull balances the Mind of God and physical reality.  At times, the Crystal Skull becomes non-physical. The Crystal Skull is a bridge between all levels of reality. Anyone who knows the sequences of the trinity of communication becomes all-powerful and omniscient.    There is so much yet to be learned, we are but children on a planet filled in answers. A universe waiting to be discovered, and many mysteries waiting to be discovered.  Life is an adventure waiting to happen, only you need to take the first step to make it happen.  Make a date to visit BOB and see what he has to offer you. 

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